Instruction manual - Kit Canident MyPetLab

Instruction manual :

Please read the operating instructions and our advice carefully before use, and follow the instructions to the letter.

Important note: it is not possible to use the start-up function when charging. The charging cable must be disconnected to start the machine! Modes 1/2/3 correspond to teeth cleaning.


Our dental scaler is easy to use, discreet and convenient to carry.

It uses gentle vibrations to dislodge tartar and plaque without the use of heat, for maximum safety.

It features the same cleaning head structure as that used by vets, enabling effective removal of dental tartar.

It lets you care for your dog's teeth at home.

Product features :

-Painless and practical
-Five operating modes to suit different needs.
-Ultrasonic vibration (up to 31,000/min)
-One brush head + one dental scaler head + one dental mirror
One-button operation
High-quality materials

How to use it :

1. Choose the appropriate head and place it on the base of the unit, then press the central button to switch it on.

2. Put your dog at ease by introducing him to the product and letting him discover it.

3. Open your dog's mouth and apply the dental scaler to the areas to be cleaned for a few seconds.

4. You can use treats or other rewards to make it easier for your dog to cooperate.

5. Rinse the tip with clean water and repeat as necessary.

The device switches off automatically after 3 minutes of use.

Charging instructions :

Remove the USB charging cable supplied with the product. Insert the round end of the port into the machine's charging port and the other end into the home charger (5V1A) to start charging.

The charging LED flashes red during charging. And the red light stops flashing when charging is complete.

Important :

- Please keep out of reach of children. Children are not recommended to use this product. If necessary, please use it under adult supervision to prevent children from being misled and injured.
- Do not immerse the product in water for long periods.
- The product contains a battery. To avoid fire or explosion, do not place the product in a fire or high-temperature container.
- Do not place products in direct sunlight. Please use an indoor environment of 10 "C to 40°C.